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[announce] ntp-4.2.8p17 is available

NTP 4.2.8p17 (Harlan Stenn <stenn@xxxxxxx>, 2023 Jun 06)

Focus: Bug fixes

Severity: HIGH (for people running 4.2.8p16)

Download: https://www.ntp.org/downloads/

This release:

- fixes 3 bugs, including a regression
- adds new unit tests

Details below:

* [Bug 3824] Spurious "ntpd: daemon failed to notify parent!" logged at
             event_sync.  Reported by Edward McGuire.  <hart@xxxxxxx>
* [Bug 3822] ntpd significantly delays first poll of servers specified
             by name. <hart@xxxxxxx>  Miroslav Lichvar identified a
             regression in 4.2.8p16.
* [Bug 3821] 4.2.8p16 misreads hex authentication keys, won't interop
             with 4.2.8p15 or earlier.  Reported by Matt Nordhoff,
             thanks to Miroslav Lichvar and Matt for rapid testing and
             identifying the problem. <hart@xxxxxxx>
* Add tests/libntp/digests.c to catch regressions reading keys file or
  with symmetric authentication digest output.

Harlan Stenn <stenn@xxxxxxxxxx>
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