[ntp:questions] Re: Are broadcasts by non-responsive servers used by clients?

Rod rglenist at netscape.net
Mon Oct 4 17:19:32 UTC 2004


Thanks for the reply.  I think I'm running the most recent ntp (4.2.0), on
FC2, but I don't see the novolley option in the source tree.  Actually,
there's no downside to the volley, as long as the broadcast client
eventually switches over to using the broadcasts as gospel.  That's the
part I can't get to work.

The lack of public key auth is fine for this application.


"David L. Mills" <mills at udel.edu> wrote in message news:<415DD3FD.5020104 at udel.edu>...
> Rod,
> There was a bug, fixed some time back, that could result in your 
> behavior. At the time of bugfix an option "novolley" was added to the 
> broadcastclient command. It disables any messages sent to the broadcast 
> server. Note that public key authentication doesn't work without the volley.
> Dave

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