[ntp:questions] Re: Are broadcasts by non-responsive servers used by clients?

Rod rglenist at netscape.net
Mon Oct 4 18:31:18 UTC 2004


Thanks, I just found a version on the ntp site with the novolley
change.  I'll try that.  I guess Fedora is a little behind, their
package was built in March of 2004, your edit is in Dec of 2003.


"David L. Mills" <mills at udel.edu> wrote in message news:<415DD3FD.5020104 at udel.edu>...
> Rod,
> There was a bug, fixed some time back, that could result in your 
> behavior. At the time of bugfix an option "novolley" was added to the 
> broadcastclient command. It disables any messages sent to the broadcast 
> server. Note that public key authentication doesn't work without the volley.
> Dave

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