[ntp:questions] Windows - Seven Days Later

W. D. WD at US-Webmasters.com
Thu Oct 7 20:59:14 UTC 2004

At 15:30 10/7/2004, Jerry Baker, wrote:
>I have made several postings about how NTP is having a real problem 
>remaining stable. I now have a little more than a weeks worth of data 
>graphed with MRTG available. Perhaps I am expecting too much from NTP, 
>but it looks to me like there is something critically wrong with NTP's 
>operation on the Windows platform (SNTP clients with no stepping keep 
>better time).
>Take a look at http://jerbaker.dhs.org/ntp/

Hey Jerry,

I am willing to take your word that you are having problems.

I just got a box working running NTP.  It is keeping time 
extremely accurately.  I am running FreeBSD on an older
computer.  It's possible to get microsecond accuracy on an
old 486, if you have a GPS antenna.  The operating 
system is important.  I recommend FreeBSD.  

I am putting together a How To to install NTP on FreeBSD.
It will be ready in a day or so.  Let me know if you are

So, I recommend you grab an old 486, load it with FreeBSD
(http://www.US-Webmasters.com/FreeBSD/Install/) and install

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