[ntp:questions] Windows - Seven Days Later

Jerry Baker jerry at novalid.invalid
Thu Oct 7 22:12:12 UTC 2004

Jerry Baker wrote:
> I would really prefer to just fix whatever it is that is broken in NTP. 
> I am more interested in tracking down this issue than I am in the 
> accuracy of the time itself. There is obviously something haywire with 
> NTP on Windows, and I would like to get to the bottom of it. I do not 
> have the expertise on my own though, which is why I am posting here. My 
> suspicion now is that there is something about thread scheduling on 
> Windows that does not work quite the way someone expected when they 
> ported the code. NTP appears to be *extremely* sensitive to CPU usage 
> (even just editing and saving text files).

Another suspicion I have is that NTP is sensitive to network I/O on 
Windows. There are some large fluctuations with NTP that coincide with 
nothing other than network activity - and nothing more than 5% or so of 

I will be away from home starting this evening until Monday. There 
should be no network activity other than that initiated by someone 
accessing my Web server, or NTP itself. It should be interesting to see 
what NTP does on a machine that is not being used at all.

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