[ntp:questions] Re: Are broadcasts by non-responsive servers used by clients?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Fri Oct 8 02:55:12 UTC 2004


Verily you are correct, as I found today. While the Rack has torched a 
power supply, pogo has now taken its place. It is carefully configured 
for symmetric key, but refuses to send an authenticated packet. Solaris 
pogo and FreeBSD hepzibah commit the same crime. In addition, the 
broadcast shows up at the client with destination address all zeros.


Danny Mayer wrote:

> "David L. Mills" <mills at udel.edu> wrote in message news:<41633B05.8030706 at udel.edu>...
>>You probably won't like this answer. While I have been stuffing little 
>>bells and whistles in NTPv4, others have been working on the I/O. At the 
>>moment, the I/O system may be defective as a broadcast receiver, at 
>>least for IPv4 traditional broadcast. I do know it works as a multicast 
>>receiver. Sorry to drop this on you. I don't know when this will be 
>>fixed, hopefully soon.
> Actually Dave, the problem turns out to be on the broadcast server end.
> you'll probably find that rackety logged a
> "sendto(addr): Permission denied" message. We need to add code to
> enable the socket broadcast on some platforms. I'm working on it.
> Danny

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