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>Danny Mayer wrote:
>> Not through ntp. This is a Windows internal problem. You'd need to
>> know the Windows internals throw in some hooking functions to see
>> what's being called, etc. It would not be easy to figure out and
>> even then there is almost certainly nothing that ntp could do.
>> Danny
>Thanks, Danny.
>As I said, it's not /just/ Windows that does this, though.

Which other OSes experience these same problems? 
If it is common, it may be a hardware related issue. 
Have you checked the clock to see what its accuracy is without any
time syncing? 
Have you checked your hardware config to see if say, the network card
IRQ is being shared with other cards, and could have an impact on
Have you shut off all other network services to see if one of them
could be having an impact on NTP? 
A Windows hardware group may offer better advice on these issues. 

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