[ntp:questions] Re: Windows - Seven Days Later

Jerry Baker jerry at novalid.invalid
Thu Oct 14 20:35:20 UTC 2004

Terje Mathisen wrote:
> It is perfectly understandable that most NTP hackers would much prefer 
> to not have to spend time on such workarounds, but as I stated, some do, 
> and we're currently seeing NTP times on Win* that's an order of 
> magnitude better than what the OS is intrinsically capable of, which is 
> quite an achievement IMHO.
> Terje

It is not my intent to discount the work of others. I was merely 
pointing out that some people rely on others with more expertise to do 
things. Learning the intracacies of NTP's various Windows hacks and 
everything else is a tremendous waste of resources when there are 
already people out there that know it. If they aren't interested in 
fixing it, fine. That doesn't mean I shouldn't ask, nor does it make it 
unreasonable to think that someone would want to investigate a problem 
with their own creation. I sincerely apologize for assuming that someone 
familiar with NTP's Windows code would be interested in tracking down a 
blatant issue on the platform, especially with someone willing to do 
almost all of the footwork. I would have much rathered to track it down 
to Windows losing interrupts during log in events rather than just 
assume that the cause is brokenness of Windows. To immediately say the 
cause of this specific issue is Windows assumes that it has already been 
investigated and resolved, and from what I see here that is not the case.

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