[ntp:questions] Re: Why ntpd is losing out to openntp at BSD (was: Windows - Seven Days Later)

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wolfgang+gnus20041014T145605 at dailyplanet.dontspam.wsrcc.com
Thu Oct 14 22:03:16 UTC 2004

Peter Hessler <phessler at theapt.org> writes:
> I use OpenNTPD on my time server, and I am off by 0.027525 seconds at this
> time.  Except for the initial sync, I am never off by more than 0.05
> seconds.

I wonder if they fixed something in a the last few weeks.  One of my
net neighbors runs a -current open-nntpd and he is usually 200ms off
of real time.  All this on an enhanced DSL line.

His server also claims to be stratum-2 whether it is synchronized to
some high-numbered stratum or not.  Darn annoying.

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