[ntp:questions] Re: Why ntpd is losing out to openntp at OpenBSD

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Sat Oct 16 18:46:19 UTC 2004

David L. Mills wrote:

> Goran,
> The rfc2030 rules say a host can be a SNTP server only if directly 
> connected to an external source, such as a GPS radio or NIST modem. To 
> do that it would have to comply with the NTP protocol as a server, 
> which means it would have to implement the full suite of server 
> functions as described in rfc2030. A SNTP client obtaining time from 
> another server cannot be a server for other clients. To do that, it 
> would have to comply with the rfc1305 rules and include the NTP 
> algorithms.
> Dave
Does anyone enforce these "rules"?

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