[ntp:questions] Newbie question - ntpd not answering requests

Laura GeekGerl at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 20:45:05 UTC 2004


I'm running NTP 4.2.0-r2 from ntp.org on a Gentoo linux box. My
ntp.conf file is as follows:


server pool.ntp.org

driftfile       /var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift

restrict pool.ntp.org nomodify notrap noquery
restrict mask notrust nomodify notrap


My server is syncing time with the pool.ntp.org server, but it won't
answer ntp requests from my internal network. My ntp server
is directly connected to the network, and there is no
firewall in between. When I run ntpd in debug mode, I show the ntp
requests being received but the server does not respond to them. Any
ideas? Am I missing something in my configuration file?

Thanks so much!


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