[ntp:questions] Re: Why ntpd is losing out to openntp at OpenBSD (was: Windows - Seven Days Later)

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Oct 20 20:40:39 UTC 2004

At 7:15 PM +0000 2004-10-20, Goran Larsson wrote:

>>  	I don't think there is really anything you can do to protect
>>  yourself against them.
>  Wouldn't using seven upstream servers do it, unless several of
>  them are openntp servers?

	You would have no practical way to determine which of your 
upstreams is running OpenNTPd, and seven upstreams would only protect 
you against three falsetickers.  Depending on how common this program 
becomes, it could be practically impossible to protect yourself 
against it.

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