[ntp:questions] Win 98 client that queries time-server ONLY during start-up?

W. D. WD at US-Webmasters.com
Thu Oct 21 05:31:25 UTC 2004

At 19:45 10/20/2004, Joe, wrote:
>Is there a time-sync client that can be put in the Windows (98) starup
>folder so that it performs a time-query ONLY when Windows is started?
>(ie a client that is not resident in the system tray or that otherwise
>performs queries on a timed or scheduled basis) ?


4.1 Command line options
-b Make a noise when broadcasts are received
-d Show some debug info
-o Run until the first broadcast is received then quit.
-a Install k995 as a service so it will run when the system is started whether anyone is logged in or
not. K995 does not need to be put in the startup folder if this option is used. The option only
needs to be used once. After that the service will start automatically.
-r Removes the service
-i run k995 invisibly so it doesn’t show in the task list.

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