[ntp:questions] Re: Synchronization with mobile devices and different time zones

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Fri Oct 22 14:25:43 UTC 2004

Sergio wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>does anyone have any experience at using NTP to synchronize the clock
>of computers in different countries (time zones)?
>How about when some of the computers to synchronize is a portable
>computer with a wireless (and intermittent) connection? Is it possible
>to use NTP then or some similar protocol to keep the clocks
>As you can see, I am interested in knowing the limitations and
>practical applications of the protocol.
>Thanks in advance,
NTP does not know or care about time zones!!  NTP keeps UTC (formerly 
known as GMT).  Local times are a matter of presentation; the O/S adds 
or subtracts the appropriate offset to display the time zone of your choice.

Wireless network connections should not present a problem.  As long as 
you are within range of the access point, a wireless network should work 
just as well as a wired network.

If your connection is intermittent, whether it's dial-up telephone, or 
because you move in and out of range of an access point, NTP will not 
work as well.  The quality of the time you can keep will depend more on 
the quality of your local clock (usually poor and out of your control 
anyway; computers were not designed to serve as clocks).  It will also 
depend on how often ntpd is able to get a response from a server.  If 
everything is working very well, once every seventeen minutes is enough.

If your computer goes into some power saving mode, NTP may not work very 
well or may not work at all.

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