[ntp:questions] Re: Refid?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Fri Oct 22 17:17:42 UTC 2004


A list of kiss codes is on the debug.html page in the documentation. 
Yes, I agree nobody would think to look for it there. A list of tally 
codes and flash codes is on the ntpq.html page. A list of system log 
messages is on the msyslog.html page. I reserve the right to change 
these at any time and I do so not infrequently. Unless you harvest 
frequently, your caches will get stale.


Danny Mayer wrote:

> "Richard B. Gilbert" <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> wrote in message news:<4s6dnaJyf5PljuXcRVn-uA at comcast.com>...
>>I've seen some refids in the output of nptq -p that I don't understand.  
>>I can't find any documentation that mentions any of the refids.
>>.GPS., .WWV., .CDMA. are all clear enough but what are:
>>.PSC. and .RSTR.
>>I actually found references to .RSTR. in the code but the accompanying 
>>comments mentioned both "restricted" and "restrained", neither of which 
>>are mentioned in the documentation.
>>Two public servers that used to work are now displaying ".RSTR." as 
>>refids.  Are they trying to tell me something?  One used to be a pretty 
>>good server until something happened to it a couple of weeks ago and it 
>>started using a server several thousand miles away.  The other never 
>>kept very good time and I won't miss it much.
> There are a lot of refid's. at some point I'd like to get them listed
> in the Twiki along with a description of what they are. Most of them
> are different clock types but there are other scattered around that
> are worth describing. I'm not sure all of them are in the documentation.
> Danny

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