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james edwards jamesh at cybermesa.com
Tue Oct 26 15:09:34 UTC 2004

Found this on another list:

Getting back to the poster's original question, Windows is really bad
for time synchronisation. Whereas you can set an NTP server to
UTC/GMT/ZULU (or whatever other name you are going to call it), Windows
does indeed move the clock forward and backward.

We've experienced this difficulty ourselves where you log in to a server
which then puts the clock an hour forward and then Windows itself puts
the clock an hour forward. The end result is that the clock is wrong.
Local time should simply be calculated as an offset from UTC. So instead
of changing the clock, change the time zone. Then it won't matter if the
time zone is changed to BST (for example) more than once. The clock and
the offset will stay the same.

Note to Microsoft - fix this stupidity in your next version of Windows.
It will annoy your users to begin with, but a number of time synch
issues will be solved in one fell swoop. All the three letter codes are
publicly available and understood by your end users.

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