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> Found this on another list:
> Getting back to the poster's original question, Windows is really bad
> for time synchronisation. Whereas you can set an NTP server to
> UTC/GMT/ZULU (or whatever other name you are going to call it), Windows
> does indeed move the clock forward and backward.

So is this a function of W32Time or the logon function ? Does NTP clear this 
up ?

> We've experienced this difficulty ourselves where you log in to a server
> which then puts the clock an hour forward and then Windows itself puts
> the clock an hour forward. The end result is that the clock is wrong.
> Local time should simply be calculated as an offset from UTC. So instead
> of changing the clock, change the time zone. Then it won't matter if the
> time zone is changed to BST (for example) more than once. The clock and
> the offset will stay the same.
> Note to Microsoft - fix this stupidity in your next version of Windows.
> It will annoy your users to begin with, but a number of time synch
> issues will be solved in one fell swoop. All the three letter codes are
> publicly available and understood by your end users.
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