[ntp:questions] Re: What is a good, cheap, Linux-supported hardware clock for a NTP-server? Any recommendations?

Ronan Flood ronan at noc.ulcc.ac.uk
Tue Oct 26 20:07:41 UTC 2004

Heiko Gerstung <heiko.gerstung_removeme_ at meinberg.de> wrote:

> as I wrote those PZF models are not recommended by us for Norway (and 
> other locations far away from the DCF77 sender), so it is completely 
> correct that Novacom offered you an UA509 model instead of a PZF 
> version. In very few locations "far away" it may be OK to install a PZF, 
> but generally we would not advise this.

Righto, fair enough.

> I will send you a detailed reply via mail, as this is getting Off Topic :-)

OK, thanks.

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