[ntp:questions] NTP looses connection

Frank Dohrmann f.dohrmann at arcor.de
Wed Oct 27 20:00:46 UTC 2004


My xntpd synchronizes perfectly to a couple of time servers after being 
started. It chooses one server as reference and a couple of servers as 
candidates, so the configuration seems to be ok. However, after a while 
- say one or two days - it cannot connect to any server at all and falls 
back to localhost. Any remote server has a jitter of 4000.

As xntpd seems to work for at least some hours or days, I don´t think 
that it is a problem of ntp.conf. But what else might cause the trouble?

I´m running SuSE 9.0 with xntp 4.1.1-286 installed.

Thanks and kind regards,

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