[ntp:questions] Re: NTP looses connection

Frank Dohrmann f.dohrmann at arcor.de
Fri Oct 29 07:05:50 UTC 2004

m.marien wrote:


> I had a similar problem. I use a GPS source and a few stratum 2 servers for 
> checks. I also had a second NTP system and called it a peer in my ntp.conf 
> file. The second system only had stratum 2 servers as sources. The first 
> system would lose connections to all the servers after a while. I deleted 
> the peer source and it works fine now. 

Hmm, this doesn´t seem to fit to my problem. My current configuration is 
extremely simple:

server              # local clock (LCL)
fudge stratum 10   # LCL is unsynchronized
server ntps1-1.cs.tu-berlin.de
server ptbtime1.ptb.de iburst
server ptbtime2.ptb.de iburst prefer
server ntp1.t-online.de
driftfile /drift/ntp.drift # path for drift file
logfile   /log             # alternate log file

That´s all. I dont´t think there is much to delete and following the 
howto the settings should be enough to get this run. Well, in fact it 
does - but only for some time...

Kind regards,

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