[ntp:questions] Re: using ACTS modem time service

Harlan Stenn stenn at maccarony.ntp.org
Fri Oct 29 08:06:22 UTC 2004


>As per my previous note to hackers at ntp.org, be advised 
>broadcast/multicast doesn't properly work in the latest ntp-dev. 
>Previously I had backed out of the then current ntp_io.c to a previous 
>version where broadcast did work. Apparently, somebody backed out the 
>backed out.

Yes, Danny fixed the original problem and we started using that code.

There is apparently at least one other problem underneath that one.

Danny is working on these things now.

>Also, be advised the segfault on Linux has not been resolved. I don't 
>know if anybody is workingon that.

Albert?  There are/were 2 segfault problems.

The first has been fixed - albert has no IPv6-configured interfaces but
somebody listed an IPv6 server/peer in the ntp.conf file.  That problem
is now caught.

There is a second problem with SSL certs (or something).  Danny is looking
at this one too.


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