[ntp:questions] Re: NTP looses connection

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Oct 29 12:34:08 UTC 2004

At 11:21 AM +0200 2004-10-29, Brad Knowles wrote:

>  	If you use a DSL router, then every time you reconnect and the router
>  gets a new IP address, you need to delete all your ntpd associations and
>  then re-make them, or you can just stop and restart ntpd.

	Sorry, I have been informed that I was not correct when I said this.

	If you use a DSL router, you don't need to stop and restart ntpd 
or do anything to your associations.  Since the local IP address 
should not have changed, when the connectivity is restored then the 
daemon should automatically pick up where it left off.

	Of course, it might take a while for that to happen and for your 
system to get back into sync with where it should be (especially if 
your configuration makes use of "iburst" and starts ntpd with a "-g" 
option), and you might choose to stop and restart ntpd in order to 
speed up that process.

	But that would be your choice.

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