[ntp:questions] Good and cheap GPS receivers (was: Reference clocks - which?)

Helmut Wollmersdorfer helmut at wollmersdorfer.at
Sat Oct 30 11:42:56 UTC 2004

Tapio Sokura wrote:
> Richard B. Gilbert wrote:

>> A Motorola Oncore M12+T GPS receiver is available from Synergy Systems 
>> <http://www.synergy-gps.com/>
>> for around $200US.  This is far better than what you say you need.   

The evaluation kit is around USD 750. I did not see, where I can order 
the necessary parts for around USD 200 on the above site.

> They also have used, but fully functional Oncore VPs for sale for 
> something like 30-40 USD (see the excess inventory link on the front 
> page). In addition to the GPS itself you need a suitable antenna and 
> power supply along with 5 volt regulation and a max232 circuit for 
> serial port level conversion.

Yes, but the minimum order is USD ~70. So I would need to order two 
pieces. And I would need to have suitable antennas too.

> Anyway, a GPS synchronized time server can be built for considerably 
> under 100 USD, not counting the PC itself. 

I would like to have one or two GPS receivers, independant from my DCF 
receivers and maybe more accurate. USD 100 - 200 for one will be o.k., 
taking into account, that I have max232, 78L05 and other stuff on stock.

As the only possibility in my location is to mount a small, weatherproof 
antenna/receiver to the _vertical_ frame of window, giving a view of 
approximately 60 by 80 degrees to sky, covered around 50% by trees, I am 
not sure, how good the GPS signals will be.

Buying a GPS mouse first, to avoid waste of money, will be a 
possibility, because I could use a GPS mouse for other purposes. But 
which one? Is there any known GPS mouse/chip set working "plug and play" 
with ntp?

As my location is in Austria/Europa shipment from US and other 
additional costs are not unimportant.


Helmut Wollmersdorfer

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