[ntp:questions] which 2.6 linux PPS API for oncore modules??

mike michael.no.spam.cook at wanadoo.fr
Mon Aug 8 13:46:17 UTC 2005

I have just got an ONCORE VP and am trying to tie it
to my Mandrake distrib with ntp 4.2.0.
I have reconfigured, with ./configure --enable-ONCORE  and connected it 
to my homegrown pc's serial port 1 with the modules PPS output is cabled 
to the DCD line.

I have the links:
[root at quark dev]# ls -l oncore*
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 5 Aug  8 15:11 oncore.pps.1 -> ttyS1
lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 5 Aug  8 15:10 oncore.serial.1 -> ttyS1

and ntp.conf lines:-
  fudge stratum 0 refid VP-1

my ntp.oncore.1 config file has
[root at quark dev]# cat /etc/ntp.oncore.1
# Oncore VP configuration file
#  Long/Lat/Height are for my office window :- E 002° 16.3015 / N 48° 
47.3281 / 212.85m
# ----- mandatory lines ----------------
MODE     4        <====  I tried other modes.
LONG     002 16.3015
LAT      48 47.3281
HT       M 212.85
# ----- optional lines ------------------
DELAY    32 NS

On ntpd startup I get a know the error sequence.

Aug  8 09:41:23 quark ntpd[10441]: refclock_newpeer: clock type 30 invalid
Aug  8 09:41:23 quark ntpd[10441]: configuration of failed

Almighty Goog has informed me that this is due to that fact that I do 
not have the PPS API available, and indeed, the NTP 4.2.0 driver source 

I have seen here and elsewhere that a PPSkit is not available for 2.6, 
but in the source tree I see that Ulrich has created a PPS-light..

That looks promising, but is in the form of an autogenerated diff patch
and does not fit to my code base.
My source tree linux/CREDITS has  Ulrich's contrib info at line 
3458, but the diff has that at
@@ -3422,7 +3422,7 @@
So if even the CREDITS aren't compatible, I hesitate to proceed.
Has anyone installed this against or later?
Current Linux is, so I can go there is anyone has new diffs, 
but I am reluctant to go back to 2.6.5 from which the above patch diffs 
were taken.

There is another linux PPS API that Rodolfo Giometti has created
(http://www.enneenne.com/projects/linuxpps) which may be useful, but I 
cannot see if it can be used by the 4.2.0 oncore driver without changes 
to the driver.
Has anyone used this succesfully with the oncore driver?

Any help appreciated.

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