[ntp:questions] Unable to initialize .rnd file

derek.flake at bell.ca derek.flake at bell.ca
Mon Aug 8 19:18:50 UTC 2005



I'm getting the following error in Event Viewer each time I restart the
NTP Daemon Service.  "Unable to initialize .rnd file."

Other than this error, the service seems to run fine.


Also note, however, that the line "restrict" is necessary for
NTPQ -P to work, otherwise it gives an error saying it "timed out" at
this IP.  To my knowledge, this is not normal behaviour, can anyone
explain why the NTPQ -P command times out without unrestricting the loop
back IP?  Would it be better to use "restrict default ignore" rather
than the line used below?


Thanks in advance!



Here is a copy of my ntp.conf file:


driftfile C:\NTP\etc\ntp.drift


logfile C:\NTP\etc\ntp.log

statsdir C:\NTP\etc\ntpstats\

filegen peerstats file peerstats enable

filegen loopstats file loopstats enable

filegen sysstats file sysstats enable 

filegen clockstats file clockstats enable


#only 1 server in this file, this client points to this gps device but

#it is unloaded and required for security

server 10.x.x.gps prefer iburst




fudge stratum 12


# Restrictions


restrict default kod nomodify notrap noquery nopeer





restrict 10.x.x.gps   mask nomodify notrap noquery


# We will permit other clients to synchronize with this server, 

# but not allow these clients to modify the config or act as peers.

restrict 10.x.x.x    mask nomodify notrap




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Bell Canada

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