[ntp:questions] Leap-Second Alert for Strat1 Server

Seay [US], Will M. Will.Seay at sperry.ngc.com
Tue Aug 9 11:55:11 UTC 2005

I will be using a stratum 1 server that apparently is not leap-second aware.  The server's reference clock is fed from a 1PPS and HaveQuick inpur which originates at a GPS receiver.  The HaveQuick code input to the server will have leap seconds inserted correctly, but there is no leap-second alert functionality in the interface.  There is another stratum 1 server within reach of this server that is leap-second aware and which will generate and disseminate leap-second alerts to its clients correctly.  Is it possible to configure the first server as a peer of the second server so that they can share leap-second alerts?
If this isn't possible, or won't work, just what is the prescribed method of declaring a leap-second alert for a stratum-1 server?  Is it a procedure that can only be done through the server's host?

 Will Seay

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