[ntp:questions] Spectracom 8170 question..

Philip Leonard leolists at seidkr.com
Fri Aug 12 14:48:33 UTC 2005

I just got a Spectracom 8170 but it didn't come with a manual.  The 
refclock drive docs say to set the DIP switches for 9600, 8 bit, no 
parity.  I have not opened the unit up yet to look for these DIP 
switches.  Using minicom set at 9600 8n1 I just get for periods back 
from the 8170 when I send a carriage return.  If I set it to 2400 8n1 I 
get an asterisk back.  Anyway, my question is where are these DIP 
switches and does anyone have the documentation about them?

Thanks, Philip

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