[ntp:questions] Re: Spectracom 8170 question..

Philip Leonard WVØT leolists at seidkr.com
Fri Aug 12 20:14:13 UTC 2005

>> How far apart are (were) the UPSs and the 8170s?
>> Do the 8170s still work if you locate them somewhere nice or does the
>> crap from the UPSs get back out on the power line and polute the
>> whole area?  (In which case the problem could be from UPSs in
>> other buildings/organizations...)
>> Do home size UPSs have the same problem?  Perhaps killing the
>> "atomic" clocks in the rest of the house?  (The ones that set
>> themselves from WWVB.)
> I have five UPSs in the house.  All are APC Smart UPS or BackUPS ranging 
> in capacity from 400VA to 750VA.
> I have an "atomic" clock (WWVB synch) about 30 feet away from the 
> nearest UPS.  It runs on two AA cells and so is probably immune to 
> contamination on the AC line.  It seems to stay synchronized easily.  
> Your mileage may vary.   (The industrial strength units intended to 
> support a whole data center may present a whole different problem.)

In my case I have 4 APC SmartUPS ranging from 700VA to 3000VA.  The 8170 
is currently sitting right next to the 3000VA unit and is working fine, 
although its antenna is outside about 40 feet away.

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