[ntp:questions] Re: no more leap seconds?

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Fri Aug 12 17:15:41 UTC 2005

"David L. Mills" <mills at udel.edu> writes:

> You might have heard me honk this agenda before, as I have honked it
> a few times in public and private. We actually have all the pieces
> in place to make everybody happy. Switch all the broadast services,
> computers and NTP to TAI. Done deal. For those applications that
> salute the Sun (bus timetables, astronomers, beekeepers, ...), light
> up your browser and call the International Earth Rotation Service
> (IERS) in Paris and snatch the current UTC (accumulated DUT1) offset
> from TAI and plug it into your sundial, telescope or meeting
> announcement.

Or define an ephemeris extention to the ntp packets so a machine can
pop its head up and do an Arthur Dent for TAI-UTC;

Almost every use of `the time' needs a set of external data anyway,
so adding the TAI-UTC offset is not a big deal anymore. Hell, swipe
the deltas for the NavSat networks clocks and include them as well.

And do it in an EXTENSIBLE manner! 

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