[ntp:questions] Re: sendto( Invalid argument

Daniel Rudy nospam at nospam.net
Sat Aug 13 06:59:39 UTC 2005

At about the time of 8/12/2005 1:09 PM, Edrusb stated the following:

> Dear all,
> The problem I met concerns ntpd when a changes in the network interface
> set occurs.
> My Linux system (on which runs ntpd-2.4.0) has two links to Internet:
> one is permanent (except upon hardware failure), the second is a backup
> modem line.

I actually ran into this problem myself.  If the IP address on the
interface changes, ntpd needs to be restarted to bind to the new
address.  AFAIK, the development team is working to resolve this issue.

Daniel Rudy

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