[ntp:questions] Re: sendto( Invalid argument

Edrusb edrusba at free.fr
Sat Aug 13 21:45:29 UTC 2005

Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 12:18 PM +0200 2005-08-13, Edrusb wrote:
>>  Yes probably, it is too bad the same socket has not been used to send
>>  data too, just leting the system put the appropriate Source IP and
>>  select the adequate output interface according to system's routing
>>  decision. This way there would not have any need to scan available
>>  network interfaces for changes.
>     Nice theory, but it doesn't work that way in practice.  Dig deep 
> into the code of programs like ntpd, BIND, and sendmail if you want to 
> understand why, but be prepared to spend a significant amount of time 
> learning about cross-platform issues, problems with IPv4 versus IPv6, 
> guaranteeing that reply packets always come from the same interface and 
> IP address that the query was sent to, and a whole host of other problems.
>     It's just not that simple.


Yes, you are right, it is easy to find things simple when you are far 
away from the problem... Anyway, don't imagine I said or even thought 
ntpd was bad designed or something like that, I really appreciate this 
nice and useful program!

Thank you for your clear answers.

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Best Regards,

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