[ntp:questions] New NIST Time server and access policy

Judah Levine jlevine at utcnist.colorado.edu
Mon Aug 15 16:20:36 UTC 2005

The Time and Frequency Division of NIST announces a new stratum 1 NTP time
server located in Columbia County, Georgia. The name and address of this
server are:

The server provides time in the usual formats that is directly traceable to
UTC(NIST) via a telephone connection to the NIST primary atomic clock
ensemble in Boulder, Colorado. (The server uses the LOCKCLOCK algorithm and
the ACTS format for the telephone line.)  The server also supports anonymous
ftp connections, which allow users to download example software, read-me
files and other time information.

The server supports open access. The only requirement is that any single ip
address is limited to a maximum of 20 requests in any consecutive 60
minutes. That is, not more than 1 request every 3 minutes from any one ip

NIST also operates 14 other time servers with the same capabilities and
access policy. For a list of these servers, please look at the Internet Time
Service entry on the nist web page:  www.boulder.nist.gov/timefreq

Questions or comments to:  jlevine at boulder.nist.gov

Judah Levine
Time and Frequency Division
NIST Boulder, Colorado

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