[ntp:questions] Re: Connect problem 4.1.2-4 redhat server

t_pascal at my-deja.com t_pascal at my-deja.com
Tue Aug 16 18:52:37 UTC 2005

Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
> t_pascal at my-deja.com wrote:
> >I will post if I can't get 4.2 working.  They are all standard, vanilla
> >conf files, the client files are exactly the same; the only difference
> >is the "server" definitions and the "restrict" lines I mentioned above
> >on the server.
> >
> Do the clients work without any restrict statements?
The default is ignore, so no they don't.  I suppose I could comment all
the restrict statements.  Anyway, I got it working when upgrading all
my RedHat ES 3 server and clients to 4.2.0a (the 7.3 clients will
possibly move to Fedora Core).

I'm surprised no one knows about this; I guess everyone uses ntpdate
and never discovered a problem.

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