[ntp:questions] Re: Multicast TTL and FreeBSD trouble

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Thu Aug 18 04:58:03 UTC 2005


No. See the RFC for IPv4 on administrative distance. I make no 
judgemenst here, just tell me what to do.


Danny Mayer wrote:

> David L. Mills wrote:
>> Roger,
>> There is a mapping table which converts integers to actual TTL 
>> values. See at or near line 2954 of ntp_proto.c. This is intended to 
>> follow guidelines for administrative scoping. I don't remember which 
>> RFC and the implementation has never been tested for conformance to 
>> my knowledge. What to do in IPv6 is even of more murk. I am happy to 
>> listen to suggestions.
>> Dave
> In IPv6 it's known as a hop count which is what happens in effect 
> anyway even with IPv4. Each hop decrements the number until it reaches 
> 0 and then it stops forwarding. Currently the ttl/hop count shouldn't 
> be more than about 2.
> Danny

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