[ntp:questions] Re: Multicast TTL and FreeBSD trouble

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sun Aug 21 15:02:28 UTC 2005


Wash your mouth with soap. The scheme does not conform to the anycast 
model; it does conform to the manycast model, where the intent is to 
capture a plurality of servers, not just a single one. I have not 
changed the ttl code in a decade. If it behaves differently in Linux and 
FreeBSD, somebody else has changed the code or the operating system has 
a mind of its own.


wa6zvp at gmail.com wrote:
> Per and Danny
> I added the ttl statement to the conf file and now get the expected
> results in the multicast packets.
>>From the html docs, it appears that the ttl command was added to
> support the anycast mode.  While it might make sense for that, it
> doesn't for multicast.
> Maybe change the conf keyword to ttlanycast for its use and then
> multicast not use the mapping at all.
> I'm guessing the linux boxes I had tested were running a version that
> didn't have this ttl mapping in place.
> Thanks to everyone that looked into this.  I suspect more work is
> needed.
>         Roger

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