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Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Aug 22 22:49:34 UTC 2005

At 10:01 PM +0000 2005-08-22, You have no need to know wrote:

>>  	When the network interface changes, you need to restart ntpd.
>>  This is a known limitation in the current code and something that
>>  we're hoping to get fixed soon, but this is the way it currently is.
>  You don't have to restart. You can use some scripting and  ntpdc to remove
>  and readd any servers which have become unreachable. This has been
>  explained here several times in the past.

	That doesn't work when the interface IP address changes, because 
the current code doesn't watch for interface changes, drop old 
interfaces from the list, add new ones as they come along, etc....

	With the current code, your solution will only work when the 
interface keeps the same IP address, and your connectivity is only 
interrupted.  If you're behind a NAT/router which gets its IP address 
changed but your local hosts keep theirs, you might still have 
issues.  Certainly, you'll be likely to have to drop and re-add.

	As I said, we're working on fixing this.

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