[ntp:questions] Re: no more leap seconds?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Aug 24 15:04:46 UTC 2005


It appears that the one-second pad in broadcast programs is gone; 
however, CBS starts programs after a 12-second pad for promos. PBS is 
smack on the second, in spite of previous compression. NPR is the same 
way, even though they tell me they use NTP for synchronization. I don't 
know how they do that via satellite and compensate for the delay and 
delay variance.


shoppa at trailing-edge.com wrote:
>> So, everybody should be glued to the tube
>>on the occasion of leap and see if
>>the start of the midnight program is one
>>second early.
> All of my local TV stations (Washington DC area) start programs 10 to
> 14 seconds late, and my discussions with the few knowledgable broadcast
> engineers I've been able to find tell me that this is because of
> digital compression on the way to the transmitter site.
> Several local radio stations are delayed by similar amounts (I cannot
> fathom what audio compression requires such a delay.  Of course when I
> was in the biz we did all this with copper phone lines... multiple sets
> if we needed hi-fi!)
> Tim.

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