[ntp:questions] ***SPAM*** Earn 12% daily of your investment!!!

Make12 12 at 12.com
Wed Aug 24 19:39:03 UTC 2005

I'm going to tell you about a TOP RATED AUTOSURF program that takes 5 mins of your day and then instantly credits your account 12% of what you put in.  Its that easy and everyone is going crazy about it.  I have personally done this and been paid.

This is how it works.  You have to have/get your free Stormpay or E-gold account and then you put in a multiple of 6.  So the minimum is $6 and maximum is $6000.  Everyday you login and click the autosurf button and it will have a timer and switch pages for you. After 12 pages you will be credited INSTANTLY your 12%.  Start small and keep rolling it in, or go big and make some cash.  They have NOT FAILED yet to pay.  After 12 days of surfing your account expires and they process the money you have made.  It goes to your Stormpay or E-gold account which ever you used in 1-7 business days... THATS IT!!


Start Small. with just $6 dollars.  12% is .72 cents.  Everyday for 12 days = 8.64 cents.  Thats 2.64 PROFIT!!!.

Go big $6000.  12% is 720.00.  for 12 days.. thats 8640 = 2640 PROFIT!!!...

Or go in between any multiple of 6.

Thank you for looking at this all I ask is thta you use my referral link.  This is not a pyramid so I don't get anything from anyone you refer.  Thats how this program stays alive.  They don't give you money to sign up.  Its FREE to sign up, but if you don't put any money within 7 days then your account is deleted.

Thanks here is the link.  If you like it please refer your friends with YOUR referall link. Remeber I don't get anything from anybody you refer. If you don't believe me then just email their 24 hour techsupport, or their techsupport Forum where the people who pay you are the ones who answer you.  Its AWESOME.. some may already be members. Just ask them.

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