[ntp:questions] Re: Time sync for WinNT4

CBee I.Dont at want.your.spam
Mon Aug 29 08:24:21 UTC 2005

Johnson Luqaz wrote:

> Dear Sirs, I have an office with 800 desktops running WinNT4 / Win2K /  
> WinXP.  I have installed ntp4 from meinberg, which was successful.  I 
> have  tried it with several sntp clients from different sources on 
> several PCs.

With M$WindowsNT4, Micro$oft supplied some ntp-software. I recall by head it was 
either on the NT4 distribution disk or on one of the support disks. Be noted, 
peek for 'ntp' in the directories of the disks, not in the supplied index, you 
will not find it there.. I bet it can be found somewhere on the internet too. It 
does a verry good job to keep the time in sync, I recall by head it does genuine 
ntp, not sntp....

With M$Windows 2000 and upwards, you can use `net time /setsntp:ntp.your.domain` 
(see `net time /?` for some options). This does a reasobable job, however, the 
sync time can be up to a week...

If the machines are inserted in an M$Windows-domain, by default the domainserver 
it hooks to is also used to sync the time.

> Now I am looking to synchornize the client PCs.  Can anyone recommend  
> windows commands to achieve this?
> Otherwise, we have CA Software Delivery installed.  Can anyone recommend 
> a  sntp client suitable for installation via Software Delivery with ntp  
> server pointing to local server?

As far as I know, the `net time /setsntp` is a one-time action that puts the 
settings in the machines registry. It should be described somewhere and should 
be easy to setup.


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