[ntp:questions] Re: Time sync for WinNT4

Johnson Luqaz jluqaz at streamyx.com
Tue Aug 30 06:06:58 UTC 2005

I don't know enough about ntp from meinberg...

Can we install and run ntpd from a command line without any fancy  
installation programs / routines.  Something like;

c:\program files\ntp\ntpd ntp.your.domain


On Tue, 30 Aug 2005 11:07:16 +0800, Danny Mayer <mayer at gis.net> wrote:

> CBee wrote:
>> Johnson Luqaz wrote:
>>> Dear Sirs, I have an office with 800 desktops running WinNT4 / Win2K  
>>> /  WinXP.  I have installed ntp4 from meinberg, which was successful.   
>>> I have  tried it with several sntp clients from different sources on  
>>> several PCs.
>>   With M$WindowsNT4, Micro$oft supplied some ntp-software. I recall by  
>> head it was either on the NT4 distribution disk or on one of the  
>> support disks. Be noted, peek for 'ntp' in the directories of the  
>> disks, not in the supplied index, you will not find it there.. I bet it  
>> can be found somewhere on the internet too. It does a verry good job to  
>> keep the time in sync, I recall by head it does genuine ntp, not  
>> sntp....
> No, Microsoft's current code does sort-of SNTP and it's still wrong. It  
> is definitely NOT ntp compliant.
>> With M$Windows 2000 and upwards, you can use `net time  
>> /setsntp:ntp.your.domain` (see `net time /?` for some options). This  
>> does a reasobable job, however, the sync time can be up to a week...
> This is like using ntpdate. It just queries the server and believes what  
> it gets back. It does not try and make any decision about whether or not  
> the response is reasonable.
>> If the machines are inserted in an M$Windows-domain, by default the  
>> domainserver it hooks to is also used to sync the time.
> Which is only as accurate as the domain server may very well be  
> described as "not very".
>>> Now I am looking to synchornize the client PCs.  Can anyone recommend   
>>> windows commands to achieve this?
> You already have it when you used meinberg's installer to install ntpd.
>>> Otherwise, we have CA Software Delivery installed.  Can anyone  
>>> recommend a  sntp client suitable for installation via Software  
>>> Delivery with ntp  server pointing to local server?
> If you have that you might be able to use the instsrv to do a service  
> install and put the config file in the right place.
>>  As far as I know, the `net time /setsntp` is a one-time action that  
>> puts the settings in the machines registry. It should be described  
>> somewhere and should be easy to setup.
> And not a reliable way of setting and maintaining time.
> Danny
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