[ntp:questions] Re: Inforamtion required

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Wed Aug 31 19:43:36 UTC 2005

SivaKumar Subramani wrote:

>I'm happy to be part of the NTP group and now started using NTP daemon
>for our usage.
>We have downloaded the NTP source 3.5-93e and compiled for solaris8
>version and we would like to have some clarification on the below
>mentioned point  can anyone help us to resolve this.
>1. We use NTP daemon as client and for synchronize the time with our
>machine and NOT to provide any time services. If the time diff between
>our system to timeserver is too large the daemon comes out and issues a
>log message as "offset : -19698 is too large set clock manually". Our
>system shall always run with local timezone, this can't be able to
>modify. Is there any way to avoid this through conf command.
>2. Is it possible to AVOID the NTP to set my local system time, is there
>any alternative to run my clock without disturbing the system clock.
>We'll be using this time information to forward to someother client, who
>shall maintain the TOD.
>Now we are using the NTP daemon by compromising the above two points.
>Pl suggest some alternative approach to solve the above mentioned
>Thanks in advance.
NTP works only with UTC; it does not concern itself with local time.   
Most operating systems, Solaris included, have provision for displaying 
the local time.  In Solaris this is done by setting the appropriate time 
zone, see man TIMEZONE.   If the timezone is set correctly and the 
system clock is set to the correct time in UTC, the date command will 
display the date and time in the local timezone, see man date.  
Timestamps on files will be displayed as local time.   If you set your 
clocks ahead in spring and back in the fall Solaris should do this 
automatically as long as the timezone is properly set.

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