[ntp:questions] Re: Announcement: Australian NTP servers

brad at shub-internet.org brad at shub-internet.org
Tue Feb 1 15:27:26 UTC 2005

prep at prep.synonet.com wrote:

> > Unfortunately our access policy precludes taking a dip in the pool.
> > The NTP servers will only respond to authorized IPs.
> Any chance you could post a list of level 2 servers mear mortals can
> access?

There is the list at
<http://ntp.isc.org/bin/view/Servers/StratumTwoTimeServers>, but you're
really much better off using the pool.ntp.org servers that are appropriate
to your location.

See <http://ntp.isc.org/bin/view/Servers/NTPPoolServers> and section 4.3.7
of <http://ntp.isc.org/bin/view/Support/SelectingOffsiteNTPServers>,
although it would be a good idea to pay close attention to the rest of
section 4.3, too.

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