[ntp:questions] NTP miss-information

Alain alainm at pobox.com
Wed Feb 2 01:12:41 UTC 2005

Steve Gibson says in

The network time protocol is a clean, simple, lightweight, and efficient 
protocol allowing clients to query servers for the current time 
(including the date). The only glitch is that the 64-bit NTP time value 
will overflow (suddenly go back to zero) in early February (the 6th or 
7th, no one seems to be sure which) in the year 2036. I plan to be 
relaxing on a beach somewhere on that day.

The NTP time format is a simple 64-bit number which uses the most 
significant 32-bits to represent the number of seconds which have 
elapsed since Midnight of January 1st, 1900. The least significant 
32-bits represent the fraction of that second which have elapsed.

For what I have understood, NTP time is formed of 2 64bit numbers, am I 
right? could someone please point me to the correct intormation so that 
I can sent to him?

FYI, he provides a very good firewall tester "Shields-up" at www.grc.com


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