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Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Thu Feb 3 14:27:33 UTC 2005

At 6:55 PM +0530 2005-02-03, Sajitha T T wrote:

>  As you know the "IETF NTP Working Group" has been in place from last
>  two months, and had set up the goal of making NTPv4 protocol
>  specification standard by Nov'05. In this regard do you forsee any
>  major changes for the current NTP 4.2.0 implementation inorder to
>  be conformant to the standard?

	To 4.2.0?  No.  We're already working on 4.2.1, so there's not 
going to be any more changes to 4.2.0.  I'm sure there will be 
changes to future members of the 4.2.* tree, some of which may be 
done in order to track the work of the IETF Working Group, but that's 
a situation where we're just going to have to see what develops when.

>  Do you have plans in your roadmap to release any newer version of
>  NTPv4 which will be conformant to the IETF standard?

	Yes, I'm certain that will happen.  I can't give you any promises 
on timeframe, but it will happen.

>                                                        If so will it
>  be preserving backward compatibility with the 4.2.0 version?

	That will be a key concern of ours, yes.  I don't think anyone 
can guarantee 100% total backward compatibility, however.  We're just 
going to have to see what happens.

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