[ntp:questions] Frequency Errors +500 PPM...

Kit Plummer christopher_plummer at raytheon.com
Thu Feb 3 16:46:05 UTC 2005

Hey folks,

I am having NTP prolbems.  Obviously.  But, I am not sure it is NTP, or 
my reference driver - or hardware for that matter.  The problem appears 
to be related to an extremely high PPM.  Am I understanding correctly 
that this number is derived from whatever is in the ntp.drift file?

Well, the real problem appears to be a 1 second step - sporadically.  
Though I haven't really been able to prove that either...it is just 
heresay from a system user.

Also,  can someone explain this output from ntpd -d:

peer GPS_BANC(0) event 'event_reach' (0x84) status 'unreach, conf, 1 
event, event_reach' (0x8014)

If there is some other information I can provide for troubleshooting 
purposes let me know.

Kit Plummer
Operations Research and System Performance Dept.
Raytheon Missile Systems

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