[ntp:questions] Re: ntpd, boot time, and hot plugging

Kenneth Porter shiva.blacklist at sewingwitch.com
Thu Feb 3 20:23:12 UTC 2005

"David L. Mills" <mills at udel.edu> wrote in news:cttv9l$ql7$1

> It is true that ntpd is specifically engineered for Internet badlands 
> where popcorn spikes, evil masqueraders, misbehaving clocks and other 
> vermin might poison your DNS cache. A client using the pool servers 
> scheme really needs this ammunition.

What about mobile clients? In the mobile environment, what does ntpd do 
when you sever the network connection (ie. undock)? Suppose I undock 
(taking down eth1) and plug in down the hall with the built-in NIC 
(bringing up eth0). What must one do to make ntpd tolerant of that? Or must 
mobile apps give up quality time because their network interfaces are 
transient? Would one need to script a complete stop/start of ntpd whenever 
interfaces come and go?

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