[ntp:questions] Re: problems with ntpdsim

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Thu Feb 3 20:28:24 UTC 2005


The simulator can handle only one server at a time. It produces the 
filegen statistics just as in real life; in fact, it is the same code 
surrounded by drivers that simulate network time jitter and oscillator 
frequency wander. You can use the options to generate simulated time and 
frequency noise and to simulate initial time and/or frequency offsets. 
Use the -d options and pipe the output to a file to see the trace. Just 
like the real life daemon it will create statistics files according to 
the filegen options. It would be interesting to try it with a real 
reference clock.

Someone could create a great computer science project by modifying the 
simulator drivers to support multiple associations. The options 
specification is rather ubly and should be replaced by configuration 
file commands.


mauro wrote:

> Hi,
> I am playing with ntpdsim, I have compiled it and
> obtained the executable. I run it as suggested on the
> help page (I am using the same conf file etc).
> However, I am getting strange results in the log
> directory. The simulation is supposed to simulate one
> day but in the log directory, I can see several files,
> many of them older than the 24hours required.
> The filegen (in the log directory) looks a bit strange
> too: the entries are not in chronological order (!!)
> The log file shows that the server was rejeced by
> client (x0xx status code)... which is strange as it is
> one of the servers used by my ntpd client
> Finally, the ntp.drift file is written once (0.00) and
> never updated.
> Any idea on where I am going wrong?
> Thank you in advance.
> Regards,
> Mauro
> PS: I am using ntp-4.2.0a on linux 2.6.20.
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