[ntp:questions] Re: ClockDispln Update: *STALE*

David Woolley david at djwhome.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 3 23:21:55 UTC 2005

In article <h8tMd.3397$lw4.750448 at news20.bellglobal.com>,
roladdon at PutMyServerHere.ca wrote:

> Does anyone know why the in XP w32time service would give me the error:

Someone within Microsoft may know, but they don't publish their source
code and don't publish detailed enough documentation to understand the
behaviour of their software without access to the source code.  You need
to raise this as a formal support question with Microsoft.

> ClockDispln Update: *STALE*

> What is a stale time or stale time stamp  exactly ?

Refer to the source code!!!

> (it does get the data via ntp - but what causes the STALE  message?)

w32time mis-uses NTP packet formats.  It does not use NTP.  It claims to
use SNTP but does not implement that correctly.

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