[ntp:questions] Re: Just me and my Macintosh

Hans Jørgen Jakobsen hjj at wheel.dk
Fri Feb 4 15:54:36 UTC 2005

On 4 Feb 2005 07:46:40 -0800, Lee Sailer wrote:
> I have been learning about NTP recently, and I noticed something
> annoying.  My Mac works fine *unless* it goes to sleep for a few hours.
>  Then it wakes up again, ntpd is still running, but it never seems to
> get the time again.  If I am reading this right, it has been 16 jours
> since the last query.  The mac has been awake for over an hour.
> Feb  4 09:18:33 localhost ntpd[29044]: sendto( Can't
> assign requested address
Do it get a news address when it wakes up?
(ntpd binds to address present at start/(config of interface))

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