[ntp:questions] ntpd, boot time, and hot plugging

Per Hedeland per at hedeland.org
Sun Feb 6 12:01:28 UTC 2005

In article <mailman.56.1107652714.583.questions at lists.ntp.isc.org> Brad
Knowles <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> writes:
>At 9:02 PM +0000 2005-02-05, Per Hedeland wrote:
>>                                                             - see my
>>  response to Dave Mills in another branch of the thread for what the real
>>  problems are,
>	Oh?  So there are weaknesses?  Now which part of your story is correct?

The discussion was about the weaknesses wrt to the specific task of
doing the quick time setting at boot. Certainly difficulty of
maintenance and potential for misuse are also weaknesses in a wider

>>                and try to remember that the next time you have the urge
>>  to parrot the party line.
>	Maybe you should make sure that you are without sin before you 
>cast the first stone.

I'm surely not without sin, but that particular one is not among those
that I tend to commit.

>	If you can read source code, and you can casually hand out public 
>floggings to people who aren't programmers, I have the right to 
>expect that you should be able to read headers.  Moreover, you should 
>be able to provide unequivocal proof of precisely where the problem 
>is, which programs are affected, and which lines of source code are 
>at fault.

Sorry, even though I could, I don't see why I should spend time and
effort debugging the software that you are using to inject malformed
articles into the group. I can send you a tarball of the articles if you
want, and you can try to match up the References: etc - but those
headers will be the same if you download them from any news server.

--Per Hedeland
per at hedeland.org

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